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Timothy J. Ryan & Associates is an established firm that has been helping car accident victims throughout the state of California for over thirty years. Having helped to recover over $1 Billion on behalf of our clients, you can concentrate on your treatment knowing that we have a history of obtaining results.

Case Results Tell The Story

You do not want an attorney who has graduated from an average law school with average grades or has just passed the BAR exam. Our founding lawyer, Timothy J. Ryan, has graduated from the prestigious law school of Southwestern University under the accelerated S.C.A.L.E. program and passed the BAR in 1981. With his distinguished education and thirty years of experience, Attorney Ryan has been serving car accident victims effectively, offering a No Win No Fee Promise to each and every one of his clients.

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From the beginning of the firm’s history, Mr. Ryan and his legal counsel have obtained hundreds of million dollars in compensation for all of their clients. In the last year alone, they have recovered over $15 million dollars. That is money that was not originally intended to be given as aid to car accident victims; however, Timothy J. Ryan & Associates had something else to say about that. In total, Timothy J. Ryan & Associates has helped to recover over $1 Billion on behalf of their clients.

Get More Than The Insurance Company Offers

Car accidents are never as simple as they appear even though insurance companies will try to make them seem that way. The check that an insurance company writes to you almost immediately after your accident is never a full estimate of your current damages and internal injuries, which may be slow to develop or notice.

You need a law firm that knows how to work through an insurance company’s tricks. Petty insurance companies neglect the real evidence and realistic compensation because they are all businesses that were founded on gaining revenue and cutting costs. Your injuries are a cost to them.

Timothy J. Ryan & Associates is a law firm that takes your concerns and struggles seriously. They know that your injuries may be prolonged and that an insurance company will not give you the correct amount of money to cover future costs. You do not have to be taken advantage of when you've got a great attorney by your side.

Their Reputation Does Wonders

Fortunately, you will not need to worry about insurance companies if you contact Attorney Ryan and his legal professionals. They have a long-standing reputation of success. Most insurance companies know they won't get far if they try to enter a courtroom and swindle victims out of their rightful, monetary reward when Mr. Ryan and his team are there. Attorney Tim Ryan’s reputation allows his clients to save time and money.

An Attorney That Has Reputable Integrity

Mr. Ryan’s professionalism and character is not just seen in the courtroom or during work hours. He is always thoughtful of others and doing the right thing, which is why he is an active community member. Currently, he is:

  • The Chairman of the Huntington Beach Hospital Board of Trustees
  • A Board Manager on the Orange County YMCA
  • An Editor of the California Trial Lawyers Association Forum Magazine
  • One of the Beach Commissioners for the city of Huntington Beach

He has also:

  • Been on the State’s Firestone/Ford Litigation Liaison Panel
  • Been a Chairman on the Board of Directors for the Sea Cliff Country Club
  • Been Co-Chair of the Greatest Save fundraising tournament

The Greatest Save a program that is designed to teach and prevent children and teenagers from being preyed on by sexual predators. These lessons in awareness and avoidance are presented by Tiodize and are a part of the KinderVision Foundation. Mr. Ryan is a hardworking gentleman that cares about the community, which he and his clients live in.

He is also just as influential in many professional, legal organizations as he is in community ones. By being apart of these organizations, Ryan is always at the top of his game because he not only stays up-to-date on the current cases and legal practices but also develops great contacts, including judges and prosecutors. These contacts allow him to proliferate his clients’ successes. Currently, he is the member of:

  • Consumer Attorneys of California (CAOC) Board of Governors
  • The California State BAR Association
  • The Consumer Attorneys Association of LA County (CAALA)
  • The Western Trial Lawyers Association
  • The American BAR Association (ABA)
  • The American Association of Justice (AAJ)
  • The Orange County Trial Lawyers Association (OCTLA)
  • The American Board of Trial Advocates (ABOTA)

The Top Legal Representation Available

Our law firm understands the anxiety that our clients feel after being a part of a deadly car accident. There are fees for property damages, hospital care, physical therapy, psychiatry, and more that you have to worry about for the time being until you can receive any compensation.

We like to do two things for our car accident clients. The first is that we want them to know that we will do our very best to get them their deserved compensation, which could be in the millions. The second is that we also want our clients to know that we will not impose any legal fees on them unless their case has been won, which will only be a small contingency fee. This is how confident we are as a law firm.

If you would like quality legal representation that will look out for your best interest, give us a call today. Call (800) 838-6644 to get a free consultation from a car accident lawyer with decades of experience representing car accident victims.


Why Car Accident Victims Choose Us

With over 39 years of experience, a 97% success rate, numerous attorney awards, and more than $1 billion recovered for our clients, auto accident victims consistently choose us to represent them. When your future is on the line, don't settle for less than the best. Call us today for a free case review from caring, trusted professionals.

Timothy J. Ryan & Associates

Call (714) 898-4444 to obtain a free case evaluation from award-winning car accident attorney Tim Ryan Today. Tim has helped recover over $1 Billion for injury victims and has a 97% win rate.