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Guidelines for buying your First Car

Posted by Timothy J. Ryan | Mar 07, 2016 | 0 Comments


Buying your very first car is an exhilarating experience and chances are that you will hold on to it for quite a while. Your first car needs to be special, so it's important to do your research beforehand. This car that will kick start a new chapter of your life must lack the tendency to become burdensome in any way. Follow the guidelines below to save yourself from regrets in the near future:

Discover your Needs

Many of us dream about big fancy cars, but none of those are practical choices. You probably need a car for daily commute to work or school. Maybe you'll be running several household errands and driving your kids around. The car you get must reflect your needs. The area you reside in, the distance from your home to the city, your lifestyle, and your day-to-day responsibilities are necessary aspects to consider. If you have a big family, you might want a safe and spacious vehicle. If you are enjoying the bachelor life, you may go for something compact and adventurous. Your first car must provide the convenience and comfort you desire. The design of your car must suit your locality's climate, road conditions, and social norms.

Determine a Budget

If you have accumulated savings to pay for a down payment, consider yourself a smart buyer. Owning a personal vehicle is a promising step towards independence, but it could also become the starting point of a life engulfed by debt. Do not buy a car that you cannot afford in the long run, or you might drive yourself to the verge of filing bankruptcy. There are several hidden expenses attached to the price tag of a car; your income must be sufficient to cover monthly installments, interest rates, gas/fuel expenses, maintenance costs, and insurance payments. It is recommended to opt for a cheap or moderately priced car as your first. You can transition to a more luxurious and technologically advanced model after you develop excellent driving skills.

Shop for a Car Loan

Shopping for a car loan before purchasing the actual car may sound like getting ahead of yourself, but it has several advantages. First of all, you assess your credit score and learn if you even qualify for a loan. Low FICO scores may result in higher interest rates or rejection of a loan request. You can always take some time to improve your credit score and postpone the course of buying a car. By acquainting yourself with the ins and outs of car loans in advance, you know exactly what you can borrow and how you pay it off.

Explore your Options

Once you have your budget and lease plan figured out, you may start looking at viable options. You may find a wide range of cars that fit your financial agenda, but only few will have what it takes to touch your heart. To get a good feel and idea of the car in question, you are bound to take it on a test drive. When you find the one that satisfies your soul, close the deal.

Get Insured

Don't forget to get the mandatory auto insurance in your state. Car accidents are unpredictable or unforeseen events, so you rather be safe than sorry. Car insurance will aid in management of car related costs that may otherwise be compensated out of your pocket.


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