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Road Accident Facts and Figures From Global to Local

Posted by Timothy J. Ryan | Apr 04, 2017 | 0 Comments

Modernity has brought about lots of improvements in our way of life. From back in the early days of humanity when hard, manual labor was the name of the game, we have found ways to make daily tasks easier and faster. We have technology to thank for that. In the field of transportation, for instance, we have come a long way, both literally and figuratively, from completing exodus on foot to riding cars and planes.

Of course, modernity and its offshoot, technology, come with a price. One such price is vehicular accidents. Fort Collins Accident Lawyer delves into this issue, looking into facts and figures from the global to the local.


Each year, road accidents make up 2.2% of all deaths worldwide. It is considered as the world's 9th leading cause of human casualty, and costs approximately USD $518 billion. Countries lose at least 1-2% of their annual Gross Domestic Product (GDP) to these vehicular accidents.

An average of 3,287 road-accident related deaths occur daily. This amounts to 1.3 million casualties per annum. Those who survive with non-fatal disabilities and injuries fall within the 20 to 50 million mark.

By 2030, road-related injuries, unless proactively addressed, are predicted to reach the 5th slot in the list of the most common causes of global fatalities.


In the United States, a country with an estimated 253 million active cars (other types of automobiles such as motorbikes not included), at least 37,000 people meet fatal road accidents each year. Those who survive with non-fatal disabilities and injuries account to 2.35 million. These accidents cost the federal government $230.6 billion per annum, or $820 per capita.

The most pressing figures in relation to vehicular accidents in the United States are these: young people aged 16-20 account to 8,000 annual fatalities; and, even younger individuals, below the age of 15, account to 1,600 annual casualties.           

Statewide: Colorado

From a 2015 report on road accidents in the State of Colorado, 546 deaths have been accounted. 302 of these cases were single vehicle accidents while 244 involved multiple vehicles. From these 546 fatal accidents, car occupants make up 32%, pickup and SUV occupants make up 30%, motorcyclists make up 19%, pedestrians make up 11%, and bicyclists and large truck occupants both make up 2% of the total casualties. 248 of these cases are closely-linked to drunk driving.

Citywide: Fort Collins

In a report on road traffic accidents (2104) in Fort Collins, Colorado, statistics have revealed that there were 5 reported fatal accidents involving 14 persons in 9 separate vehicles. There were 6 accounted fatalities.

If there's one takeaway from all these numbers, it has to be this: road accidents are a serious concern that needs serious attention and consideration. But, of course, we already know that, which makes these numbers even more frustrating. After all, these accidents are easily avoidable.

So what do we do?

For one, we have to power-up in terms of providing road safety education to our current and would-be drivers. We must reiterate to all drivers that while they are on the road, they are responsible both for their own safety and the safety of other commuters.

Another would be to have existing laws enforced to the fullest extent. There should be no excuses for individuals who try to do away with having an appropriate license, or individuals who drink and drive. Life is on the line here; all ways to prevent road traffic accidents ought to be enacted.


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