Why People Hate Car Accident Lawyers

why people hate lawyersDue to Hollywood misrepresentations and general lack of knowledge of the field, people love to hate car accident lawyers. In reality, car accident lawyers provide a much-needed service to the public and provide victims with recourse for obtaining compensation and justice for their injuries.

All car accident lawyers are “ambulance chasers”

One of the most common misconceptions about California’s car accident lawyers is that they are “ambulance chasers” who prey upon victims. The reality is that oftentimes use of the legal system is the only way a victim can receive compensation and, without an attorney, it is difficult to navigate the legal system.

Attorneys are advocates who work hard to represent the best interests of their clients and, though they receive a fee, do not take on clients for their own interests.

Car accident lawyers are unnecessary because insurance covers a victim’s damages

Car insurance companies often take advantage of victims by either denying compensation or making recovery of compensation as difficult and time-consuming as possible. Without an attorney, victims are often bullied into giving statements that later damage their claim or have their personal privacy invaded by prying questions or even seizure of the garbage left outside their homes.

Attorneys work to protect victims, not further their victimization. Further, a large number of drivers in California are either uninsured or underinsured, leaving legal action the only way in which a victim can be adequately compensated for the full extent of their personal injuries, property damage, medical bills, loss of enjoyment of life and pain and suffering.

Car accident lawyers want their clients to get rich by suing for huge sums of money

Many victims of car accidents have extensive injuries which lead to ongoing medical treatment, lost wages and significant pain and suffering. The victim of a car accident is often left with a mountain of medical bills as well as extensive damage to their vehicle.

Further, even a simple fender-bender can easily cause neck and spinal damage that can negatively impact the victim throughout their life, limiting their ability to enjoy hobbies, provide childcare, or complete simple tasks such as grocery shopping or housework. A lawyer helps a victim obtain compensation to cover their medical bills and prescriptions, reimburse them for time off work, repair damages to their vehicle and help ease ongoing pain and suffering and loss of enjoyment of life. The damages sought in a car accident action are not for the client to “get rich”: they are intended to make the victim whole again.

If you have been injured in a car accident in California, do not let misinformation prevent you from hiring an attorney who will work zealously to protect you from insurance companies and ensure that you receive adequate compensation to cover your injuries, pain and suffering and expenses. To obtain a free case evaluation from the car accident attorneys at Timothy J. Ryan & Associates, call (800) 838-6644. The evaluation is free and 100% confidential.