Rollovers Are Often Caused By These Major Road Hazards

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Rollover accidents involve a vehicle actually flipping over during an accident. The rollover may even occur several times in a row before the vehicle comes to a stop. These types of accidents can be particularly devastating, causing traumatic injuries as well as extensive damage to the vehicles involved. While driver error such as speeding can cause these types of accidents, there are hazards along the road that may also cause them to occur. The following are 5 common road hazards that can trigger rollover collisions.

Signs That Have Fallen

Signs may fall into the road after a storm or another driver has hit them. Parts of the signs may also break off and end up along the road. Sometimes the signs have been covered by leaves or small branches that have blown onto the road. Drivers may quickly glance at the leaves and think that this isn’t something they necessarily need to slow down for. Running over a solid metal object, especially at a higher speed, may cause the vehicle to flip over.

Inadequate or Broken Guardrails

Without adequate guardrails a vehicle can slip into a steep ditch or ravine and a rollover can quickly occur. Even if guardrails are in place where they need to be, they may sometimes be installed improperly or could be broken in certain places and not repaired in a timely manner. Simply grazing along the rail can cause them to easily come apart and a rollover may happen when the vehicle suddenly slips into the ditch.

Large Potholes in the Road

While smaller potholes normally won’t cause a serious accident, those that are not quickly repaired can become bigger after freezing and thawing. A pothole that may not appear to be that deep might cause a car to rollover. Even if a driver sees a pothole it’s often difficult to gage how large, and in particular, how deep the pothole is until he or she is right on it. A large pothole may cause a driver to lose control of the vehicle resulting in a rollover.

Misplaced Construction Materials

Unfortunately, materials used during road construction can get left in spots along the roads and highways where they don’t belong. Even if they are placed in the correct areas there may not be adequate signs that clearly mark that there are construction materials along the road. Running into large materials, especially machinery, can cause devastating accidents that may include a rollover.

Debris on the Road

Storms and high winds can leave different types of debris scattered along the road. This can include everything from tree branches to large objects such as trash cans that roll out onto the road. Government road crews are normally responsible for keeping roads clean and open for the safety of drivers. However, it may take several hours for crews to clean up debris after a storm has taken place.

These types of situations can be especially dangerous at night when drivers might not see obstructions in the road until they’re right on them. In these cases accidents and dangerous rollovers can happen. Injured in a rollover? Call (800) 838-6644 to obtain a free case evaluation with no obligation to retain our California Rollover Accident Attorney services.

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