Six Injured in Los Angeles County When Car Goes Off Cliff


Police officers are still investigating the cause of an accident in which a car plummeted 300 feet into a Los Angeles ravine, causing serious injuries to six occupants. Amazingly, no one involved suffered fatal injuries, although three of the passengers are still in critical condition.

According to police and traffic officers in San Dimas, California, the car had veered out of its lane and fell off a Cliffside road, close to the Los Angeles National Forest located in Glendora.

The accident occurred around 8.40pm at night on Sunday, August 30th. It is believed that the car fell close to 300 feet below the cliff, sending all six passengers into the ravine. According to police officers at the Los Angeles Sherriff’s department, rescue workers had to work for hours before they could free the passengers from the badly damaged vehicle.

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According to reports, three of the occupants of the car were critically injured while two of them suffered moderate injuries and are in stable conditions. The sixth passenger suffered minor injuries. The critically Injured patients are believed to be presently undergoing treatment at the Los Angeles County-USC Medical center.

Los Angeles Car Accident Statistics

The number of auto-accidents, as well as fatalities recorded in Los Angeles between 2012 and 2013, has reduced slightly, however, the casualty figures remain high. According to statistics available on the City-Data website, there were 234 fatal Los Angeles automobile accidents in 2012, however, some 213 fatal auto accidents were recorded in 2013- this represents a 0.9% reduction in accident rates in one year.

The total number of vehicles involved in fatal road accidents in the year 2012 was 379 and in 2013 the total number of vehicles involved in fatal crashes was 370, within the same period of time.

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Though the number of accidents recorded as well as the total number of vehicles involved decreased from 2012 to 2013, there was a significant increase in the number of people involved in fatal accidents. In 2012, a total number of 476 individuals were involved in fatal crashes, while 485 individual victims were identified in 2013- this is an increase of 1.85% in one year.

The total number of fatalities in LA auto crashes reduced from 249 in the year 2012, to 227 in the year 2013 while fatal accidents caused by drunken persons has reduced from 53 in the year 2012 to 52 in 2013.

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