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Personal injury is a multifaceted division of law, and almost 90% of the cases pertaining to this sector are settled out of court. About 50% of personal injury lawsuits in the U.S arise from auto accidents, which highlight the significance of car accident attorneys. Car accidents are a leading cause of death in the country, resulting in more than 4 million fatal injuries and 38,000 casualties every year. In the majority of car crashes, one party is particularly at fault, while the other suffers due to their negligence or careless attitude. Car accident cases can be tricky when one has to establish proof of burden and fight for fair compensation. Insurance companies perpetually try to minimize payouts, which is why having a professional car accident lawyer by your side is crucial. Pacific Attorney Group mentions 5 fundamental qualities to look for in your legal representative:


There are many different types of personal injury attorneys; some deal in car accident injuries, some manage medical malpractice claims, some excel in product liabilities, and so on. Any lawyer owning a license to practice can take your case, but a lawyer who has experience in handling car accidents will grant you maximum benefits. If the lawyer you choose has never worked with traffic accidents before, your case will be at a loss. A lawyer's portfolio speaks for himself/herself; interrogate about previous cases and observe how many were won. A competent lawyer possesses excellent reviews from earlier clients and he/she has plentiful knowledge to answer all your accident related questions.


Every personal injury attorney, including those having expertise in car accident insurance claims need to be understanding and sympathetic. Car accident victims are in a painful and vulnerable state, hence they appreciate someone who is a good listener and takes interest in their case. If a lawyer seems inattentive or exhibits indifference, he/she cannot be trusted to do justice to your claim. A good car accident attorney will impress you with their compassion and politeness.


There is no use spending money on a lawyer who doesn't have time for you, and never takes your calls. You need a lawyer who is always there for you, i.e. he will show up whenever your case demands. If a lawyer cannot show up at hearings and you have to do all the work (such as negotiating with an insurance company) then he/she is pretty much useless. Do not opt for a lawyer who has too many clients and is equipped with a poor support system; otherwise, the progress of your claim is going to be bleak.


Reliable car accident attorneys have an excellent repute within the legal industry. They have judicial connections and are affiliated with other personnel who can accelerate your claim process. Their name is recognized by competitors in the business, who praise them for their achievements. 


All personal injury attorneys work on a contingency basis, i.e. they will not charge a penny if you lose the case. If a car accident attorney demands upfront payment or charges by the hour, consider it a red flag.


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