A car accident may only take a moment, but the effects of the injuries incurred can often last a lifetime. For those who are new to the process, the idea of pursuing compensation can be overwhelming. There is a tremendous amount of information available to those who have been involved in collisions, but many of the resources available are provided by those who have no business providing legal information to anyone, let alone those who are in dire need of accurate advice.

All of the following piece have either been created by our firm (Timothy J. Ryan & Associates), or other organizations that we feel comfortable recommending to others. Our top priority is helping those who have themselves been involved in an auto accident or those who are searching on behalf of their loved ones, but the articles alone will not be enough as they may not apply to your specific situation. We offer free consultation with no obligation to retain our services, so if you would like to speak to a car accident lawyer about your case call (800) 838-6644 today and you will speak with a live person 24/7.

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